Our values

We exist to live as God's family and share his transforming love and the good news of Jesus Christ with our families, friends, and neighbors. Our values serve as a path that continually guides us and keeps us on mission.

Jesus came to show us that there’s a life more fulfilling than any life apart from him–one where we are reconciled to God, connected to others, and living on purpose. This life is available right now, today, and Jesus has made a way for us to experience it. At The Gathering Church, everything we do starts with the gospel, the good news of who Jesus is and what he has done for us at the cross, and the truth that following him changes us in real and lasting ways.

Biblical Community
The kind of life Jesus offers isn’t something we were meant to experience alone. We have been created to be connected to other people who are also exploring and applying the gospel of Jesus to their everyday. As we walk through life together—through the good, the bad, the struggles, and the celebrations—we discover a richness in life that only comes through gospel relationships that challenge us and help us grow into fully devoted disciples.

Missional Living
We were never meant to keep this discovery of a fuller life to ourselves. We demonstrate the power of following Jesus to the community around us by sharing the good news of Jesus, helping the needy, walking with those who are struggling, and showing the love of Jesus to everyone we meet. We live our new life in Christ on mission, that everything about our life is part of testimony to the transforming power of God at work in our lives. We also tell and share the story of who Jesus is and what he has done to show the impact of the gospel, and boldly share its message.

Holistic Stewardship
The essence of new life in Jesus is the act of giving God gave his Son, Jesus, to do for us what we couldn’t do for ourselves—to bring us into this new kind of life. We believe that if we’re truly going to live out the fullness of this life, we’ve got to make constant strides in giving to others out of what God has given to us. When this kind of generosity takes root in you, you’ll respond by sharing it in every way you can—through your time, your skills and gifts, and even your finances. We then give because of the heart changing work of the Holy Spirit, who invites to respond.

Kingdom Multiplication
Following the ways of Jesus means we that we continue his work of seeking the lost and making disciples. We live into this mission by sharing the transforming love of God with our family, friends, and neighbors, giving a hand to those who are struggling, and taking care of one another.  We also proclaim the good news of Jesus and pray for the Lord to multiply those who follow him and send more laborers to join the work of sharing the gospel leading to the multiplication of followers, house churches, and church plants.